Jan. 29, 2023

Jan. 29, 2023: Good morning, Bay Islands. This morning around 2:30 West Bay got a shower with .18 of an inch. Punta Blanca picked up a very light shower last night around 11:30. The rain on radar this morning is mostly to our north, though a small shower somewhere is possible. Otherwise it will be mostly sunny with east winds 15 mph and seas 3-4 feet.

Tonight the rain chance is very small with east winds gusting to 20 mph.

Tomorrow will be much like today, but tomorrow night into Tuesday morning there will be a better chance of a shower, around 30 percent.

Tuesday night through Thursday night will be a bit windier, with daytime winds gusting to 20 mph and nighttime winds up to 25 or perhaps 30 mph. Seas Tuesday night through Thursday will be 4-5 feet.

Friday the winds calm as we have another cold front get near, but it will probably fall apart just to our north, bringing us somewhat better rain chances this weekend, but it may be just like last weekend’s cold front, which fell apart and brought us almost no rain. Have a great Sunday!

Jan. 28, 2023

Jan. 28, 2023: Good morning, Bay Islands! We had some showers on radar west of Utila this morning, but no rain was recorded on the island. Our winds are generally from the northeast this morning and seas are 3 feet.
From now until Tuesday our weather will be the same, with daytime winds 15 mph from the east and nighttime winds about 20 mph and seas around 3 feet. Days will be mostly sunny. Each night there will be a small chance of a shower, but nothing major. Wednesday through Friday will be a little windier, with daytime winds around 20 mph and night time winds around 25 mph and seas around 4 feet.
This weekend there is a chance of rain, but like our last cold front, this one may disappear before it gets here. Have a great weekend!

Jan. 27, 2023

Jan. 27, 2023: Good morning Roatan! As you can see from our radar at 7 a.m., most of the rain is to our west. Many locations on the east side got a small shower around 5 p.m. yesterday that gave us .01 of an inch of rain. Utila has gotten .04 of an inch over night. Hardly enough to keep the dust down.
Our seas and winds are much calmer this morning, 2 feet on the south side and 1 foot on the north side.
We can’t rule out a small shower somewhere, especially this morning, but we will be mostly dry and partly cloudy with northeast winds getting to 15 mph this afternoon and seas to 3 feet.
Tonight we will have another chance of rain, especially around sunrise, with east winds 15-20 mph and seas around 3 feet.
Tomorrow should be mostly sunny with winds continuing 15-20 mph and seas 3-4 feet.
Tomorrow night the chance of rain is very small, perhaps 20 percent.
This cycle of small rain chances overnight to sunrise and nice days with 15 mph winds and 3 foot seas continues through Monday, when the chance of rain goes away completely and our nights get a little windier, up to 25 mph. We stay dry until the next front gets close to us next weekend. Have a great Friday!

Jan. 26, 2023

Jan. 26, 2023: Good morning Roatan! This morning we have a front (norther) to our north and some clouds and showers to our south and east.

At 8 a.m. radar is picking up some showers near Cayos Cochinos.

Today we will have calmer winds than we’ve been having, with winds from the east at 15 mph in the morning and from the northeast at 10 mph in the afternoon. Seas will calm to around 2 feet (.6 meters). We will have increasing clouds and an increasing chance of rain through the afternoon. Rain chances will be highest overnight.

Tomorrow after a chance of morning shower, the afternoon should be partly sunny with only a small chance of a shower. Winds will be from the east around 15 mph and seas 2-3 feet.

Tomorrow night there is a decent chance of rain, but there should be less rain tomorrow night than tonight.

Saturday there is a small chance of a morning shower but we will be mostly dry with east winds 15-20 mph and seas 2-3 feet.

Saturday night into Sunday morning there is a very small chance of rain, perhaps 20 percent, and Sunday should be mostly sunny with east winds 15 mph, gusting to 20 mph Sunday night, and seas 3 feet Sunday and 4 feet Sunday night. Monday there is some indication of scattered showers, but after that the week should be mostly dry. We are still watching the possibility of a norther the following weekend. Have a great Thursday!

Jan. 25, 2023

Jan. 25, 2023: Good morning, Roatan! We definitely had a windy night! We had a gust of 34 mph here on Jonesville Point. We have one more windy night ahead before things start getting calmer. Today will be mostly sunny and winds will be around 15-20 mph and seas around 3 feet. (1 meter)
Tonight winds get back up to 20-25 mph and seas to 4 feet.
Tomorrow things look quite a bit calmer, with the approach of a cold front.

You can see the front in this morning’s satellite stretching from Jacksonville, Florida through the Gulf of Mexico.

This forecast map shows the front approaching and weakening as it gets closer. Right now it looks like most of the rain will stay to our west. Many of the models only give us about a quarter of an inch for the whole period Thursday through Saturday. The further west you are, the more likely you are to see good rain, so Utila has a better chance than we do here on the east end. Winds tomorrow will be 7-12 mph and seas around 2 feet. We will have increasing clouds during the day and our best chance of rain is probably Thursday night into Friday morning, but there will be a chance of rain Friday, Friday night and Saturday morning, but much of the time we will have partly cloudy skies and dry conditions. Winds will be from the east/northeast at 12-17 mph and seas around 3 feet Thursday through Saturday.

Starting Saturday afternoon our rain chances go down and Sunday into next week we will have clear skies and a return of stronger easterly trade winds. Another cold front will get close the weekend of Feb. 4 bringing us another increased rain chance. Have a great Wednesday!

Jan. 24, 2023

Jan. 24, 2023: Good morning, Roatan! We got our early morning shower, which got up to half an inch of rain in Sandy Bay and mostly between a tenth and a quarter of an inch for the rest of us.

As you can see on the radar and satellite at 6:50 a.m. the rain is mostly west of Roatan, though Utila may pick up a shower from this wave between 7 and 8 a.m.

Today we will have a very small chance of a shower in the morning, followed by clear skies and increasing winds from the east. By sundown our winds will be gusting to 30 mph so be careful on the seas.

Winds will be gusty tonight, but should calm a bit by the first ferry tomorrow morning, with 7 a.m. winds 15-20 mph and seas 3-4 feet here and 1-2 feet at Ceiba. Tomorrow will be sunny and dry. Tomorrow night winds get back up to 20-25 mph.

Thursday winds will calm to around 10 mph and start turning to the northeast. Seas will be 2-3 feet. We will have increasing clouds during the day and a good chance of rain, especially in the evening and overnight into Friday morning.

Friday afternoon winds continue fairly calm around 10 mph and seas around 2 feet. Friday afternoon should be partly cloudy with only a small chance of rain.

Rain chances go up again Friday night into Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon into the first part of next week we should stay mostly dry with easterly winds about 10 mph during the day and 20 mph at night. Have a great Tuesday!

Jan. 23, 2023

Jan. 23, 2023: Good morning, Roatan! We have something in the forecast for this week that we didn’t have last week. Rain! Probably not a whole lot of rain, but I think most of us will get wet, especially at the end of the week.

As you can see in the map, the first cold front (norther) is very weak and will collapse before it can bring us any northerly winds. But we have a chance at rain tomorrow morning, anywhere from midnight to around daybreak. The chance of rain will be better the further east you go. The second cold front will be stronger, but not strong enough to switch our winds to the north. Seas Thursday through Saturday will be from the northeast at 3-4 feet because of winds to our north, while our winds will stay in the 10-15 mph range. Rain totals should be better the further west you go, perhaps an inch in total for most of us.

The forecast today is for clear skies and winds getting calm this afternoon and seas at 2 feet.

Tonight we will have increasing clouds with a chance of rain after midnight (50 percent for Guanaja, 40 percent for the main island and around 20 percent chance for Utila).

Tomorrow will get windy in the afternoon, with east winds 20-25 mph and seas picking up to 5 feet by sunset.

Wednesday will be windy and dry, especially in the afternoon, with east winds 20-25 mph and seas 4-5 feet.

Thursday winds calm to around 10 mph and shift to the northeast. Seas will be around 3 feet Thursday through the weekend. The best chance of rain is Thursday night into Friday morning. Have a great week!

Jan. 22, 2023

Jan. 22, 2023: Good morning, Roatan! Our seas this morning are a bit calmer than they’ve been previous mornings. They are right at 3 feet (1 meter) and winds will calm as we go through the day to 10-15 mph, giving us 2 foot seas (.6 meters). Winds will get back to 20 mph and seas to 4 feet, but through the day tomorrow winds will calm to 7-12 mph and seas to 2 feet, perhaps a bit less in areas. Through the day Tuesday winds will be gusty again to 15-20 mph and Tuesday night to 25 mph.

Thursday through Saturday a cold front will get close enough to give us a good chance of showers through those days. Right now the rain totals don’t look like that much, and winds will continue to come from the east with perhaps a slight tilt to the northeast at times. Have a great Sunday!

Jan. 20, 2023

Jan. 20, 2023: Good morning, Roatan! We awake to seas between 4-5 feet near Roatan and 2 feet near Ceiba and winds 20-25 mph.

Today winds will not calm as much in the afternoon as they have previous days. Afternoon winds should still be 15-20 mph from the east, and seas 3-4 feet.

Tomorrow we should get some drier air, so the day may feel a little fresher than today. Sunday and Monday afternoon winds should calm to 7-12 mph and seas to 2 feet, but we’ll still be breezy overnight. There’s no rain in the forecast until at least Thursday and the following weekend look like one for scattered showers, but not a huge rain event. Have a great Friday!

Jan. 19, 2023

Jan. 19, 2023: Good morning, Roatan! Yesterday we mentioned that the east side was far windier than the west side and Utila, but last night Utila got up to 17 mph winds and the West Side about 20 mph. This morning we’re dealing with gusty winds and 4 foot seas, though only around 2 feet around Utila. We have some clouds to our east, but those will only bring us mostly sunny skies and no real chance of rain. Winds will calm today around 15 mph from the east and seas to 2-3 feet before rising again tonight to 20-25 mph and 4 feet. Today and tomorrow we will we a little more humid which will make it feel hot, though some drier air is on the way for the weekend which should make it feel a little cooler (though not as cool as it did Monday). No rain until the end of next week, and even then it doesn’t look like a huge chance of rain. Long-range forecasts give us good rain at the end of the month and the first of February. We’ll keep an eye on it. Have a great Thursday!