Dec. 27, 2022

Dec. 27, 2022: Good morning Roatan! Our norther finally arrived. We’ve all gotten a lot of rain and we’ll all get a lot more, but the good news is that after tomorrow morning it should be over. As I mentioned in the previous post, the Sandy Bay buoy picked up some 10 foot waves this morning and the waves on the north side are averaging 7-8 feet outside the reef. Not surprisingly the Galaxy Wave yacht is canceled this morning and I’d be surprised if it ran this afternoon. We may see waves ease by a foot or so this afternoon to 6-7 feet.

Today will be quite rainy and windy, and I’m a little worried about some flooding in areas that like to flood, with another several inches falling through the day and especially overnight. We haven’t gotten much lightning with this system, but if we do, it should come tonight. The second morning of a norther is usually the freshest, so I’ll be looking for some 69 or 70 degree readings tomorrow morning.

Waves should improve tomorrow, with 4 foot seas here and 3 foot seas toward Ceiba. Winds will be from the west/southwest at 15-20 mph. After morning showers, rain should lessen tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday looks to be a gorgeous day with light winds, lots of sun and seas around 2 feet.

Friday into next week should be dry, but at night those easterly trade winds will pick up to around 20 mph. Seas will be 2 feet during the day and 4 feet overnight. Have a great Tuesday and take an umbrella!

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I'm a native of Columbus, Ga., but lived from 2003-2019 in Lawton, Oklahoma. I've always been a weather geek and now I get to live the dream on an island that doesn't have a good weather forecast system.

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