Sept. 15, 2021

Sept. 15, 2021: Good morning, Roatan! We actually had a report of some rain last night. Larry Rapp in West Bay reported .15 of an inch around 9:30 p.m.

I’m posting the satellite from around that time, and you can see the classic scenario for rain on the island just after nightfall. Storms tend to build on the coast of the mainland and reach out toward us. This is why the west side is often wetter than the east side, because they are closer to the mainland. It is also why Utila is generally wetter than Guanaja. I’m going to guess that Utila probably got a good shower last night.

Today should be a very nice day, with light and variable winds and 1 foot (.3 meter) seas. We’ll keep only a very slight chance of one of those evening showers.

Tomorrow the winds will come up to the 5-10 mph range and seas at 1-2 feet (.3-.6 meters). TRW winds (Typical Roatan Weather) will come back on Friday with 15-20 mph east winds and seas at 3-4 feet (1-1.3 meters).

We’re also keeping an eye on the tropics. There is a wave with a high likelihood of development off the African coast. Models are keeping it out to sea and keeping it pretty weak, but we’ve seen a trend of models not picking up on the strength of storms so we’ll keep an eye on it. Have a great day (and day off for some of you!)

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I'm a native of Columbus, Ga., but lived from 2003-2019 in Lawton, Oklahoma. I've always been a weather geek and now I get to live the dream on an island that doesn't have a good weather forecast system.

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