Dec. 15, 2021

Dec. 15, 2021: Rain totals were mostly between an inch and a half and a little over 2 inches yesterday. West End only got .69 yesterday but has already gotten over half an inch this morning.
Rain should continue today with east winds 7-15 mph and seas at 3 feet (1 meter). Tomorrow the rain chances should be a little less, around 50 percent. Winds will be calmer and seas will be between 2 and 3 feet. On Friday any scattered showers will mostly be in the morning. Saturday and Sunday are still looking good, though there will be about a 30 percent chance of a shower on Saturday. We’re starting to see indications we may get our next cold wave next Thursday. Have a great Wednesday!

Dec. 14, 2021

Dec. 14, 2021: Good morning, Roatan! Folks on the west side of the island got pretty wet yesterday morning, with many locations getting over an inch. Mid-island got about a half inch, but here on Lucy Point it didn’t rain at all throughout the day.
But this morning it did. We woke up to .07 of an inch by 7:30 a.m. and more is coming. We will have off and on rain today, tonight and tomorrow. Winds will be from the east/northeast at 10-15 mph with 3 foot (1 meter) seas today. Seas tomorrow should be similar but the winds should be a little lower at 7-12 mph. We should see less rain and more sun Thursday and Friday, though there will still be scattered showers those day. Saturday and Sunday look to be nice days. Have a great Tuesday!

Dec. 13, 2021

Good morning Roatan! Looks like the west side of the island especially got wet this morning. Larry Rapp in West Bay reports .65 of an inch, West End got 1.20, Sandy Bay .65, Coral View .50, but down to .05 in Politilly and .08 here on Lucy Point. Today we will have a chance of rain throughout the day, but especially in the morning and late evening hours. Our best chance of sun will be in the middle of the day. Winds will be from the east/northeast at 7-12 mph and seas at 2 feet (.6 meters). Rain chances are high Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the days and nights. Winds will be moderate at 7-12 mph from the east/northeast, but seas will be choppy at 3 feet (1 meter). Thursday and Friday we will have scattered showers, but the chances will be lower at around 40 percent. Sunday and the first part of next week look pretty nice right now. Have a great week!

Dec. 12, 2021

Dec. 12, 2021: Good morning, Roatan! We have had another dry 24 hours. I’m going to guess that in the week ahead we aren’t going to have many completely dry days and nights, though I think we will see some sun in the week ahead as well.
Today we’ll have partly cloudy skies with east winds 12-17 mph and seas at 2 feet (.6 meters). Tonight the chances of rain go up, especially after midnight. Tomorrow we will have a chance of rain, especially in the morning and evening hours with east/northeast winds 5-10 mph. Tuesday and Wednesday are the highest-rain-chance days of the week with east winds 7-12 mph and seas at 3 feet (1 meter). Rain chances continue but will be a little lower Thursday into the weekend, perhaps 40 percent each day and winds quite calm on Thursday and Friday. Have a great Sunday!

Dec. 11, 2021

Dec. 11, 2021: We’ve had a dry 24 hours on the island.
Today we will have winds from the east at 12-17 mph and seas at 2 feet (.6 meters) under partly cloudy to clear skies. Overnight we will have a small chance of a shower, but tomorrow should be nice and similar to today. Rain chances increase Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday look like the best chances of rain next week, though there will be a chance each day. Winds should be calmer next week.

Dec. 10, 2021

Dec. 10, 2021: Sorry for the late post. We are in the middle of the process of moving from Lucy Point to Jonesville Point. We are still counting the rain on Lucy Point and we had over half an inch in the early morning rains. It seems most people got between a tenth and a quarter of an inch.
We should stay pretty dry today, tonight and tomorrow. Winds will be from the east 12-17 mph and seas will be 2-3 (.6-1 meter) Saturday night we will have a small chance of a shower and Sunday should again be nice. On Monday our winds switch around to the east/northeast and calm a little to 7-12 mph. Rain chances Monday are about 50/50 and Tuesday and Wednesday look pretty rainy.

Dec. 9, 2021

Dec. 9, 2021: Good morning, Roatan. We have some scattered rain clouds around this morning, and at 7:30 we are having a light shower on Lucy Point. Jimmy Andrade in Camp Bay says he got a good rain last night as well.
We’ll have partly cloudy skies today and continued east winds at 12-20 mph and 2-3 foot (.6 to 1 meter) seas. There will be a chance of rain around today, but especially in the morning and evening hours. Tomorrow the chance of showers will be mostly in the morning and winds will be easterly 12-17 mph and 2 foot (.6 meter) seas. Saturday the winds shift to east/southeast at 10-15 mph and 2 foot seas. The small rain chance Saturday is mostly in the evening. Sunday rain chances start to build and Monday and Tuesday look pretty rainy right now, setting up a wet week next week. Have a good Thursday!

Dec. 8, 2021

Dec. 8, 2021: Good morning Roatan. Yesterday was definitely rainier than I expected. We got nearly two inches yesterday on Lucy Point and many locations on the east end got an inch or an inch and a half. First Bight got .70 of an inch. The west side got a little less. West Bay got only .35 and West End .34 of an inch.
The satellite looks much clearer today than yesterday, so I feel pretty confident today will be a clearer day than yesterday was. You can never rule out a shower but we should have mostly sunny skies and east winds 10-20 mph and seas 2-3 feet. Those conditions should stay the same until Sunday which is our next high chance of rain. Have a great Wednesday!

Dec 7, 2021

Dec. 7, 2021: We got a nice morning shower in most places. We got 1.1 inches in Lucy Point. Coral View and First Bight got around half an inch. Most locations on the west side got less than .20 of an inch.
We havent talked about TRW (Typical Roatan Weather) in awhile because we haven’t experienced it in awhile, but this week is it. As we experienced this morning, in TRW most of the rain comes at night. During the day you have trade winds from the east 15-20 mph and seas at 3 feet (1 meter). For more info on this, check out the FAQ section, but that will explain our weather this week. Next week, perhaps starting as early as Sunday afternoon, looks quite a bit rainier as a cold front approaches. Have a great Tuesday!

Dec. 6, 2021

Dec. 6, 2021: Good morning, Roatan! This morning some low clouds brought very light showers to some of us. We got rain here on Lucy Point but not enough to register even .01 of an inch. Those clouds should clear out and we should have a nice day. Today will be the last day for relatively calm winds from the east/southeast at 5-10 mph. There will be a small chance of a shower overnight.Tomorrow the trade winds return with east winds 15-20 and seas at 3 feet (1 meter). Days will be mostly sunny and there will be small chances of overnight showers, but mostly a dry forecast for the week ahead. Have a great week!