Jan. 6, 2023

Jan. 6, 2023: Good morning Roatan! This morning with a northeast wind in place we are seeing some rain coming off the mainland giving Utila a morning shower with .16 and still raining at 7 a.m.

Overnight Coral View got .06 and French Harbor .04, Politilly .04, Coral View .03 and Jonesville Point .09.

As you can see in this morning’s satellite, we have a cold front to our north (orange line), while our northeasterly winds is building up some rain coming off the mainland of Honduras (yellow arrow). We will keep a chance of showers through the morning, but we’ll be mostly sunny through the afternoon with a northeast wind at 15 mph and seas on the northeast side of the island around 3 feet, while further west and south seas will be 2 feet.

Tonight and tomorrow morning we will have our best chance of getting a good rain. Winds starting through the weekend into next week will be quite light, though seas tomorrow will be 2-3 feet due to the winds from the cold front passing to our northeast.

Saturday night into Sunday morning we will see another decent chance of rain, but the rest of Sunday will be a mix of sun and clouds and only a small chance of shower.

That pattern will continue next week, with decent chances of an overnight or early morning shower, but calm winds and mostly sunny skies most of the daytime hours. We’re watching the possibility of a cold front for next weekend. Have a great Friday!

Jan. 5, 2023

Jan. 5, 2023: Good morning, Roatan! For the first time in awhile, we can say there were scattered showers around the island this morning as you can see on this morning’s radar. Only West End recorded any rain, and that was only .01 of an inch. But this goes to show that we are getting out of our completely dry period and entering a period with a few more scattered showers.

We’ll keep a small chance of a shower around this morning, but we should be dry and sunny this afternoon with east winds around 15 mph and seas around 2 feet (.6 meters).

Tonight winds will continue to calm to 10-15 mph and seas to 2 feet.

Tomorrow we will again have some scattered morning showers and we will begin dealing with the tail end of a cold front that moves to our northeast, bringing winds out of the northeast around 10-15 mph and seas to 2-3 feet, but a little more on the north side.

Our best chance of getting a good rain will be overnight Friday into Saturday morning. Saturday we will have a chance of a shower through the day with a mix of clouds and sun, and light winds and seas.

Sunday and Monday we will have scattered showers mostly in the early morning hours and continued light winds and seas. Have a great Thursday!

Jan. 4, 2023

Jan. 4, 2023: Good morning, Roatan! We had quite a windy night, with our top gust at Joneville Point at 30 mph. We have 5 foot (1.7 meter) seas on the south side, and around 2 feet closer to Ceiba. That should calm as the day goes on to 3-4 feet here and 1 foot at Ceiba. We will continue to have mostly clear skies and winds will calm to 10-15 mph.

Tonight will be less windy than last night, with winds 17-22 mph and seas 3 feet tomorrow morning, 2 feet toward Ceiba.

Tomorrow will also be a nice day, with winds 10-15 mph and seas around 2 feet.

Friday we start to see a rain chance, though it is pretty small, and mostly for Friday evening. Winds will be pretty mild but starting to turn to the northeast.

Rain chances will be best overnight Friday into Saturday morning, perhaps 50-60 percent. There will be about a 40 percent chance Saturday night into Sunday morning, but we will also have periods of sun over the weekend and very light winds and seas 1-2 feet. Have a great Wednesday!

Jan. 3, 2023

Jan. 3, 2022: Good morning, Roatan! Another dry, windy day with seas 4 feet on the south side and 2 feet at the reef on the north side. Today will continue to be sunny with east winds around 15 mph and seas around 2-3 feet.

Tonight the winds should pick up to 20-25 mph and seas to 4-5 feet.

Tomorrow looks much like today, though winds tomorrow night look a little calmer at 17-22 mph.

Thursday winds should be calmer, with daytime winds 10-15 mph and seas only 2 feet.

Friday will be calmer still, with around a 40 percent chance of a shower as our winds start to turn to the northeast as a weak cold front passes nearby.

Saturday and Sunday look like days with calm winds and chances of showers. I don’t think we’re talking about heavy, three hour rains, just passing showers with a mixture of clouds and sun. In a lot of ways, this weekend may be good for getting out on the water if you don’t mind an occasional shower. Have a great Tuesday!

Jan. 2, 2023

Jan. 2, 2023: Good morning, Roatan! We awake to partly cloudy skies and seas around 3-4 feet (1-1.3 meters) with east winds around 15 mph. We’ll deal with some morning clouds that will give way to afternoon sun. Seas calm to 1-2 feet (.3-.6 meters) as you travel to Ceiba.

Tonight winds are up around 20 mph and seas to 4 feet.

Tomorrow looks much like today, though tomorrow night the winds will be a bit stronger, to 25 mph and seas to 5 feet (1.6 meters).

Dry and fairly windy conditions continue through Thursday.

Friday the rain chances go up a little with the approach of a very weak cold front that will turn our winds to the northeast, though they shouldn’t be very strong. Saturday and Sunday we will have rain chances, though right now those rain totals don’t look very big. Have a great week!

Rainfall for December and 2022

Rainfall totals for December and 2022: We put 14.10 inches in the books, which was about average across the island. For 2022 we put 92.65 inches in the books, just slightly over the average for a year on Roatan. It was a pretty unremarkable year weatherwise, with no extremes in temperature and no serious effects from any tropical weather. We look forward to January, the last of our rainy season months, with an average of 11.19 inches.

Jan 1, 2023

Jan. 1, 2023: Good morning, Roatan and welcome to 2023! Yesterday Punta Blanca caught a shower good for .20 of an inch.

Our windy, wavy, dry weather will continue into the first part of next week, with daytime winds around 15-20 mph from the east and seas around 3 feet and nighttime winds gusting 22-27 mph and seas around 4 feet.

We are still looking for the arrival of a mild norther that will give us better rain chances next weekend, but not too much wind. Actually it will make our winds calmer than they are now. Have a great Sunday!

Dec. 31, 2022

Dec. 31, 2022: Good morning, Roatan! And, though I know it is mainly of importance to folks from the U.S., Happy College Football Semifinal Saturday!

We had a pretty windy overnight which stirred up the seas, which are around 4 feet this morning (1.3 meters). For those riding the ferry to Ceiba, when we have strong east winds like we currently have, the ride usually gets smoother the closer to the mainland you get, because the mainland offers some protection against easterly winds, so the seas down there this morning are 1-2 feet.

We also have some low clouds this morning and can’t rule out a passing shower somewhere, but it is unlikely. Winds should calm a bit during the day to around 15 mph and seas to 3 feet (1 foot toward Ceiba). This evening and tonight winds pick up again to 20-25 mph and seas to 4 feet.

Sunday and especially Sunday night is even a bit windier with daytime winds around 20 mph and Sunday night winds gusting to 30 mph. Daytime seas will be 4 feet and nighttime up to 5 feet.

The early part of next week is also windy and dry.

Starting Friday and into next weekend, it looks like another cold front may pass through bringing us showers, though it doesn’t look as strong as last week’s norther. Have a great last day of 2022 and with apologies to any Buckeyes out there, Go Dawgs!

Dec. 30, 2022

Dec. 30, 2022: Good morning, Roatan! We have a few clouds coming in from the east that will give us partly cloudy skies this morning. I guess it’s possible someone sees a sprinkle, but it isn’t likely. We have seas 2-3 feet this morning, calming to 1-2 feet toward Ceiba. Winds will be mild today with easterly winds around 10 mph, getting up to 15-20 mph tonight with seas 3-4 feet. Tomorrow winds and seas should calm toward 2 feet. Tomorrow night winds will get back to 15-20 mph and seas to 3-4 feet and Sunday looks like the winds may stay up a bit 12-17 mph keeping seas around 3 feet. The entire forecast is almost completely dry. The next good chance of rain starts a week from today into next weekend. Have a great Friday!

Dec. 29, 2022

Dec. 29, 2022: Good morning, Roatan! We finally awoke to beautiful sunny skies and very calm winds. Seas are down to around 3 feet (1 meter) and should calm down to around 2 feet by afternoon.
Tonight winds will pick up out of the east to 12-17 mph and seas at about 4 feet overnight.
Tomorrow looks beautiful, if a bit windier than today around 10 mph and seas to 2 feet.
That forecast will be good for at least the next week. Have a great Thursday!