Oct. 21, 2021

Oct. 21, 2021: There were scattered showers around last night. Sandy Bay reported .07 of an inch, Mud Hole got .04, Coral View .23, Politilly .15, Lucy Point .06, and even Camp Bay got in with .20, their first measurable rain in awhile.

Today we’ll have a pretty decent chance of seeing rain, especially in the overnight hours. Winds will be from the east at 12-17 mph and seas at 2 feet (.6 meters). Tomorrow rain chances continue with calmer winds from the east/northeast 5-10 mph and seas at 1 foot (.3 meters).

This weekend the rain chances go down to around 20 percent overnights. Sunday will be the windier of the two days, with east winds 15-20 mph. Right now next week is looking pretty dry. Have a great Thursday!

Oct. 20, 2021

Oct. 20, 2021: How much rain you got yesterday depends a lot on where you live, the further west the better. Larry Rapp got 1.4 inches in West Bay, most of it from a squall that passed through around 6 p.m. Sandy Bay got 1.29. On Lucy Point we only got about half an inch, and only about a tenth of an inch last night. Jimmy Andrade got only a trace in Camp Bay. This morning most of the rain has moved north of us.
It looks like we’re back in TRW (Typical Roatan Weather). We will have winds at 12-17 mph and seas at 2-3 feet (.6 – 1 meter) and about a 30 percent chance of a passing shower, especially in the evening. Friday and Saturday, winds and seas look a little calmer than average. If you do get a shower, there is also a decent chance you will hear some thunder. Have a great Wednesday!

Oct. 19, 2021

Oct. 19, 2021: By 8 a.m., most of us have seen rain this morning. The most I saw was .88 of an inch in Politilly. Larry Rapp reports a slow, soaking rain of .8 of an inch. Jimmy Andrade in Camp Bay says he only got enough rain to get the dock wet.
The next 24 hours may be the wettest of the week. Models give us 1-2 inches by mid-morning tomorrow. As you can see in the satellite, there is a lot of moisture to our east. This will make its way over us over the next day. There will even be a chance of some thunder. We should start getting a little windier in the evenings, around 10-15 mph, but back down to 5-10 mph in the mornings. Watch out for a gust or two near squalls.

Rain chances will lessen on Thursday, but will still be around 30 percent. It looks like we are getting into our wet season and leaving completely dry weeks behind. Have a great Tuesday!

Oct. 18, 2021

Oct. 18, 2021: It seems everyone got some rain over the last 24 hours. Mark Krueger reports half an inch in Utila. Larry Rapp checks in with half an inch in West Bay. Even Camp Bay finally got in on the action. Jimmy Andrade says they finally picked up a tenth of an inch. We got half an inch on Lucy Point and that seems pretty common across the island.

Good chances of rain continue today, tonight and tomorrow with forecast models still putting the total at around 2 more inches. Winds and seas will stay pretty calm at 5-10 mph and seas at 1 foot (.3 meters).

Starting Wednesday the winds will come up a little, perhaps 12-17 mph in the evenings with 2 foot (.6 meter) seas. Starting Thursday, rain chances will diminish to around 30 percent each day. Have a great week!

Oct. 17, 2021

Oct. 17, 2021: We begin our morning with some photos of the squall that hit Jimmy Andrade in Camp Bay. Around 8:30 this morning we picked up .06 of an inch on Lucy Point after getting .28 yesterday. Most locations islandwide got between a tenth and half an inch yesterday. Feel free to let us know in comments.

A cold front will stall near the Yucatan tonight, trapping unstable air in our area and giving us good chances of rain this week. The rain chances will be 30-40 percent during midday and evening hours and 60-70 percent overnight and in the mornings. Most models estimate 2 inches through Wednesday. Winds and seas remain calm through Wednesday. Winds may pick up a little starting Thursday.

Oct. 16, 2021

Oct. 16, 2021: Rain is back in the news! Last night we got .39 of an inch around midnight. Mud Hole got .13 and Utila is experiencing a shower this morning. Today we’ll have scattered showers, perhaps a 50 percent chance. Winds and seas will remain relatively calm for the entire forecast period.

Rain chances are in the forecast each day this week, perhaps at their highest on Wednesday and Thursday. But a shower is possible at any time. The clouds will keep our temperatures cooler than they have been. We may have some mornings around 76 degrees (24 celsius) toward midweek. That will feel nice. Have a great, and hopefully wet, weekend!

Oct. 15, 2021

Oct. 15, 2021: Today I’m seeing about a foot of surf on the reef which is more than I’ve seen in a while. Today we should have winds in the 7-13 mph range, but starting tomorrow they will be even calmer. There’s virtually no chance of rain, but the chances will got up every day through Tuesday.

Tomorrow there will be a small chance of a shower, Sunday about a 40 percent chance, and by Tuesday rain will be likely. We should also be seeing clouds increase, which will give us some relief from the heat. Through the whole period, winds should be very calm. Have a great Friday!

Oct. 14, 2021

Oct. 14, 2021: Yesterday around midday we got .05 of an inch in a quick downpour. We received a report that Flowers Bay also got a shower.
Our weather will continue mostly calm and still with only a very small chance of you seeing any rain in your neighborhood. This weekend will have higher chances of showers and early next week will have an even greater chance.

We have a cold front approaching from the north. This is a little early in the year to hope for a cold front to pass through, and this one likely won’t, but it may get close enough to lower our temperature a few degrees and give us some rain. As you can see in this forecast model that runs through Wednesday night, the closest approach of the front is forecast for Tuesday. That should be the coolest, wettest day. That will definitely be nice. Have a great Thursday!

Oct. 12, 2021

Oct. 12, 2021: The weather we’ve been having recently is why I always advise tourists to come in October. It is the calmest time of the year, making it easy to go boating, fishing, snorkeling and diving. This will be a week that well illustrates the advantage of visiting Roatan this month. We’ll have fairly calm winds and seas all week. We may get a little breezier at night up to 10-15 mph. There will be very little chance of any rain before the weekend. Enjoy some time in the sea this week!

Oct. 11, 2021

Oct. 11, 2021: Good morning, Roatan! Yesterday afternoon we got a brief shower that gave us .02 of an inch of rain. Aside from an early morning shower yesterday in Sandy Bay, I could find no other recorded rain on the island.
Today we have mild winds around 10 mph that should rise to 12-18 mph this evening and 1 foot seas that should rise to 2 feet by evening.

Tomorrow should be even calmer than today and still no meaningful threat of rain. Starting tomorrow night we might add in a small chance of a shower, perhaps 20 percent. Winds will stay pretty calm during the day and only around 12-17 mph in the evenings.

This weekend rain chances will increase, but probably only to about 40 percent. Have a great week!